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Discover the power of global accessibility with MetroVPS. Effortlessly launch High-Performance Cloud VPS, Bare Metal solutions and Co-location across the globe in mere moments.

Our Seamless Deployment Process

Rapid Deployment at Your Fingertips

Effortless Service Selection

Easily pick the right service type that aligns with your project's needs, whether it's VPS, Bare Metal, or Co-location. We simplify the process to get you started quickly.

Lightning-Fast Deployment

Experience instant deployment, with your selected service up and running within seconds. No more waiting around – you can dive into your projects without delays.

Updates And Maintenance

We take care of the technical details. Your applications and services receive automatic updates, ensuring they stay optimized and secure without any effort on your part.

Streamlined Control and Robust APIs

Minimize your Infrastructure Management

  • Once you initiate the deployment process, MetroVPS's cloud orchestration seamlessly assumes control, swiftly initializing your instance within your chosen datacenters, typically in under a minute.

  • MetroVPS makes server management a breeze with intuitive control panels and user-friendly interfaces, allowing you to efficiently oversee your VPS resources.

  • Our responsive help desk services ensure your inquiries are promptly addressed through a streamlined ticket system, offering you dedicated support whenever you need it.

Where Innovation Meets Reliability

Unlocking Excellence in Our Services

Geographic Footprint

With data centers strategically positioned worldwide, MetroVPS ensures lightning-fast connections with enhanced user experience.

One Click Deploy

Simplify your cloud experience with MetroVPS's one-click installations, effortlessly deploying your vps with ease.

Full Resource Control

Tailor your VPS environment to your exact specifications, with complete control over your resources, scaling up as needed.

Upload ISO / Mount ISO

Enjoy the freedom to upload and mount ISO images for custom operating system configurations, giving you unmatched flexibility.

Linux, Windows And BSD

MetroVPS offers compatibility across various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and BSD, catering to diverse user preferences.

No Long Term Contracts

Experience freedom with MetroVPS, where you choose your billing cycle without being tied to long-term contracts.

The Company We Keep & The Stories We Tell

Some of Our Beloved Clients

An End-to-End Cloud Solution

Creating Resilient Applications with a Diverse Range of Computing, Storage, Database, and Networking Services.

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Our Data Centrs

Global Cloud Infrastructure

At MetroVPS, we maintain a presence in three data centers located in Bangladesh and Singapore.

Answers to Common Questions

Answers to Common Questions

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